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Birthdays are special for everyone, not only for kids but adults, for moms and old people as well. A single wish on your birthday makes you feel someone cared about you or you are remembered. But the one doesn’t wish you, makes you hurt. In modern times, wishing someone birthday is not a difficult task as it is just a message on Facebook or phone. There are different ways of wishing as lovey-dovey, respect or either in a joking way. So in this article, you are going to find some great birthday wishes with jokes. Use them wisely!


Birthday Wishes with Jokes

  1. Happy Birthday partner, be more fat and fat until the tummy touches the table, the clothes were just torn out and becoming a baby elephant.
  2. It’s your 30th birthday, but you looked too old as born centuries ago.
  3. The number of candles is way more than space at cake because of your age, happy Birthday!
  4. Alas, one more annoying year with you weirdo, Happy Birthday the weirdest person I know till date and still many more years to come with this.
  5. Go ahead and enjoy your day, same as you enjoy irritating other all year by talking and fighting.
  6. Happy Birthday buddy, enjoy your day with lots of love around and it’s the time of the year so please be mature now.
  7. Party hard as it is the last day of your life but how can we come so lucky, happy birthday. Studies believe who celebrates more birthday tends to live longer whereas just stop having birthdays.
  8. Happy Birthday but where is my treat? Or you have eaten everything alone like always! It’s not a good habit of eating alone though eating too much, just give us your birthday treat for which I wished you.
  9. You are lucky enough that I wished your birthday! Otherwise, I don’t remember dates easily. A very happy birthday to you.
  10. Age is just a number to be old, happy Birthday monster.
  11. It’s that unlucky time of the year when you came to this world and be the burden to this world, Happy Birthday.
  12. Happy Birthday to the world’s naughtiest person on earth with all the attitude issue.
  13. Desperately waiting for the day to see you without teeth blowing candles with the wrinkled face, and wet pants, happy blissful birthday dear
  14. The day is near when you will be in need of Botox to hide your lines, enjoy your wrinkle less birthday as these injections are the great mean of staying young forever even without the eyesight.
  15. Happy birthday! seems you are having Botox if no then how young you still looked with all the beauty you are having at your late 40’s.
  16. Happy Birthday, you act as you are mature but your attitude shows you are still in kindergarten, the way you talk.
  17. Happy 18th birthday just welcome to the gang of millions of people around the world, another year to repeat all those lame things again.
  18. Here you go. You are officially old now and I have the gut to let you know that. Happy birthday old people
  19. Your beard is grey, tummy is big and had a bald head but thankfully there are some teeth and a cake to cut, happy birthday old man
  20. Twinkle! Twinkle! little star, How I wonder what you are, happy birthday with the rhyme you sing to your son now
  21. Blow the candles as hard as you can just like the joy of your childhood birthday
  22. Happy birthday, I have sent you the gift via mail but was heavy like you so could not reach you.
  23. This is the day you brought home from the jungle little brother but no doubt you are still the man of the jungle as weird as a monkey but happy birthday
  24. There is no difference between a beer and you except the face, may you eat like a beer all year so a very happy birthday sissy
  25. Salute to the parents handling you from years but one year older make me the relief from the stress they are going through, happy birthday
  26. Do you really think you are mature, but the behavior you show doesn’t seem like this if it so then I hope then you stick on it till next year birthday
  27. This birthday is the one which started to lie about your age, you are now old enough to start your own family, think about it and happy birthday.
  28. This is your birthday so you are old enough, now think wiser not like a dumb.
  29. The birthday party should be grand just like the number of age, happy birthday
  30. There are many birthdays to come, so keep calm and celebrate the one with friends this year.
  31. I haven’t brought the cake for you because I know you will eat up all alone a happy cake less birthday. A birthday without cake seems boring but doesn’t matter if the cake ends up on your face have instead of the tummy.
  32. Just like the cherry on the top of the cake you are at the top of the hill in your age, which is better to be buried six feet underneath, happy birthday big brother.
  33. People lose their memory after a certain age but I think you are that old before age, anyways happy birthday. Your poor memory is such a mess for us as you forget everything you say.
  34. Happy birthday my partner in crime, all those years passed by following me but now you can choose someone to follow you. Just make it a reciprocal this year.
  35. You are a father, it seems funny because you still act childish at times then how come you teach your baby, happy birthday lame father
  36. Happy Birthday yellow yellow dirty fellow, now it’s not winters just take a bath or you are having the same habit of taking a bath once a year and stink around like dirty mud.
  37. It is often believed that evil things last longer and I guess you are one of them so happy birthday.
  38. The older a man the wiser it becomes but it will take time for you to be wise because the older you become the more silly you act as happy birthday
  39. I remembered your birthday and wished you a happy birthday so now you will send me a gift on my birthday which is coming at the end of this year.
  40. The day will come when you will feel shy to smile because there will be a toothless birthday and you will look so funny with an empty mouth and unable to eat anything, rather could not talk properly.
  41. The people are lucky enough who got birthday wishes as old people are easy to remember because the countdown started when you will leave this world, happy birthday
  42. We are as same as childhood by blowing the candles of the cake with you and singing happy birthday but as usual, we got the first one to blow the candles and you just being lazy as always
  43. Happy birthday, everyone loves presents but I didn’t get you one but you will have to bring me the present because I wished you.
  44. Upgrade your profile by adding the number of your age! It changes when your born date comes so wishing you a happy birthday as you cannot hide your age.
  45. The days passed, weeks passed, years passed, but on the same date you are now a grown-up person who is ready to be mingled and act maturely. Happy birthday!
  46. One two three here comes the birthday along with a new white hair, happy birthday
  47. Happy birthday I wish you get all the happiness around the world just like the fat in your body that increases day by day and stick to you making you look heavy.
  48. What else you need in life when you have such beautiful and amazing people like me around you that make you lucky enough and wishing you a happy birthday.
  49. I’m sending my picture towards you like a cute birthday wish because your picture was not cute as mine, happy birthday.
  50. It doesn’t matter for me what age you are I’m here just for the cake, and to party hard, have a great day and happy birthday.

Final Words for Birthday wishes with jokes:

Birthday wishes with jokes are the sweetest gesture the one could have to make someone happy. It feels that someone loves you by heart and remember the day you were born. In the 21st century, it’s not really difficult to remember someone’s big day because you can Mark your calendars in mobile or put an alarm for this purpose. So, now it’s quite easy to make someone happy by just wishing him happy birthday via mail, message, and many other social media aspects that can be used. Just wish others and make their day special.


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