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Happy Birthday Messages

Birthday Messages

We become very confused when our loved one’s birthday knocks at the door. Often we feel confused about how to wish to our friends for their birthday. We want to be perfect and want to make them happiest by our birthday messages. The best way to make a person happy at their birthday is to send them an amazingly birthday message. Are you confused yet? Are you finding the best birthday message for your friend, family and beloved?

Here you will get some amazing birthday messages for your friend, sister, brother, lover, mom and dad’s birthdays. Let’s take a look and embrace the goodness of bday message.

Funny Wishes Messages for Birthday Celebration as a Gift

There must be some fun with funny birthday messages. Fun makes our life easier and happier. A funny, interesting message is good enough to make a person’s day. Why do we have to so serious? Just embrace the goodness of laughter and wish with wholehearted interesting birthday msgs.

Birthday Messages

Are you really happy about your birthday? Be sad cause you are getting older day by day. Isn’t it said? Just joking! Happy birthday!

You are such a unique piece of happiness in my life. You get paid for being born and do you know what the payment is? It’s me stupid! Have a blast on your birthday. I wish in your birthday you get numerous many money envelopes and gifts…!!

Happy birthday dear. May your birthday this day comes back again and again in your life for a thousand more years and may you celebrate the day every time with enormous happiness and bliss.

Birthdays are not only getting cards and cakes. Birthday is the occasion to spread love and greetings. On your birthday I wish that you get all the amazing cordial wishes and blessings to have an amazing birthday.

Nothing can be as joyous and overwhelming as your birthday. Nothing can more be enchanting that spending quality time with you. And nothing is as peaceful as your thoughtfulness. Let today be the best birthday of all of your life so far. Happy birthday.

A friend is a person who never forgets to defend you. A friend is always there for you no matter what. I am your friend and I’ll never go away. I’ll always be at your side in your sorrows and happiness. Happy birthday friend.

Happy birthday bestie! Do you want to feel young as well as thin again? Want to get that amazing beauty? Well, let’s go hang out with some old as well as fat people. Happy birthday!


Awesome Birthday Wishing Messages for your Sister

Birthday Messages for sister” are the most cordial way to wish sister at their birthday. No matter, however, your gift is, no matter it is costly or not; the cordiality of birthday msgs can never be less. It is the most elegant way to wish sister. Birthday is very special for every individual. The day requires a very pleasant celebration. For every human being, a birthday brings a bucket full of happiness. The day is extremely special. So the must be celebrated to make the birthday happy.

Birthday Messages

You are getting to happy at your birthday. All because you will get lots of gifts. Well, I am bit jealous but it’s okay as I am kind heated. Happy birthday my amazing soul sister.

You are a fighter from your birthday. You have seen your ups and downs but you have never let the suffering ruin your happiness. Always be happy birthday girl. Just keep fighting and celebrating.

You are just like sunshine. You always embrace happiness. And you have never let the cloudy, gloomy negativity to overshadow your joy. Be happy, stay blessed. Happy birthday dear. You are priceless.

Happy birthday. May this amazing day brings bundles joy, happiness as well as good health to you. Enjoy your birthday because it’s a must needed day.

Happy Birthday to the most precious person. You are someone who’s twice as sweet and tastier as any birthday cake.

Happy birthday sister! we started our journey together. We started our adventure doing crazy little things and now it’s literally the time to do bigger craziest things!

You are the best sister of mine. You are my soul sister. And you were always there with me, you supported me, you cheered me up, you boosted me up each and every time when I was down when I was broke. Thanks for being there for me. Happy birthday my lovely sister.

Stress is meant to be kicked out, failures are meant to be beaten up, and birthdays are literally meant to start a new year. It is meant to start as a new beginning.  I wish to get a new way of life, I wish you get a bunch of successes. Happy birthday!

Uncommon Birthday Celebration Messages for Brother

Inspiration is the much-needed fact in every person’s life. As a human being, all of us face our very own kind of struggles. Life is not a bed of roses. Each and everyone has their own sufferings. Many of our known people forget to celebrate their birthday as they engage themselves in the suffering of life. They need the goodness of inspiration as their birthday message. Send an uncommon birthday wishes message to your brother.

Birthday Messages

Never think you are alone. Never feel lonely and distressed. I am always there for your entire brother. Happy birthday. I’ll always be at your side.

You know that you are my cool brother but do you know that without you I will be shattered and broke? I need you as a best brother. Happy birthday.

Hey, Brother. You know you are a real pain. Every year I have to make you feel special on your birthday. I feel like an I am your slave. Whatever it is I want to wish you a happy birthday.

You are awesome. The reason is not that of anything special but the reality is you are literally an amazing reflection of me. Let’s celebrate your awesome birthday together. Happy birthday!!

Only special and blessed people are showered with such luck. You are blessed because you get attention as well as wishes from my side. You’ve always been at the top of the list? Happy birthday to you my brother

Age is nothing but the number. Never think twice about it. Enjoy your birthday. It comes only ones in a year. So celebrate. Do you know that your birthday is the most exclusive event that you will get invited ever? The rest can just sit through as well as savor your glory. They will savor your awesomeness as you walk on the red carpet.  Great, isn’t it? Happy birthday to you.

Life is a mystery box. It opens up many unexpected changes in our life. It brings beautiful possibilities and it also brings a bucketful of disastrous heartbreak. That’s how life is and that’s how life goes on. Life is spontaneous, amazing, and disastrous but not but the least life is undeniably fulfilling. So live it fully and embrace the goodness of the wonderful birthday.

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Incredible Messages for Wishing on your Mom’s Birthday

No other gift can be as amazing as a message. If you want to give any message to your mother on her birthday then send it with an amazing wish. A wish and a perfect message written on it can be the perfect birthday message for mother.

Birthday Messages

Mom for your birthday I want to say you that you are an amazing person. You have taught me everything. You are the fuel of my life. And you are an inspiration. You are just like the candle that burnt itself to enlighten me up. I owe to your mom. Happy birthday.

Looking for a perfect friend isn’t friendship. Finding someone as weird as you is friendship. Embracing their weirdness and imperfections is friendship.  To the name of such long-lasting friendship. Happy birthday dear.

Smile, mom! It’s your birthday! You are the only gift from God in my life that always showered immense love to me. Happy birthday pretty lady.

Hello, amazing soul. It’s your birthday. Where is my treat? Please do serve me special food as I am here to wish you. Happy birthday Mother.

Birthdays are precious. Birthdays are special. Birthday makes us feel like the luckiest person and today is your birthday. So be ready to enjoy the awesomeness of birthday celebration.

Mom You are one in a million. Just believe me and never ruin your birthday without celebrating! Happy Birthday.

The most amazing day of a person’s life is their birthday and the second important of a woman’s life is to discover why they were born. So always seek knowledge and build yourself as a very successful person. Happy birthday.

I could gift you only one thing. I want you to know that you are precious. Happy birthday my sunshine.

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Ever Best Birthday Wish Msgs for Dad’s Birthday

Your dad’s birthday is knocking at the door? Well, compose a letter to wish them. Write down all of your feelings for him. Write down how important your father is for you. Tell your father he means a lot to you. it will make your father the happiest person. So birthday wish your father by gifting such a letter with amazing message. This will make his day.

Birthday Messages

Hello, amazing dad. You know what you are my superhero. You have always saved me from the sorrows, you are an amazing person. Now, It is your turn to be spoiled on your special day. Happy Birthday dad.

Have you ever seen a person who is amazingly perfect? Do you know a person who is courageous enough to show life an attitude? Okay as it’s your birthday so let me do a favor. Just look at the mirror and you’ll find that incredible person. Happy birthday dad!

Let’s not only count those flashy candles. Alongside with the candles, light the happiness. Count not only the years but also count the life you’ve lived. May the year ahead bring you enormous opportunities to succeed as well as flourish. Happy Birthday dad.

You are that amazing sunshine who always brightened up others life. So I want to brighten up your special day, your birthday! Happy Birthday

Always be yourself. You are amazing, you are confident. You are someone to whom many people aspire to be. So always celebrate the day that makes you the person you are today. Always celebrate this amazing day as it’s your birthday! Happy Birthday

I hope as well as wish that today, at your party, you dance like a butterfly. I hope that others sing for you as you celebrate the day with immense joy. Your birthday deserves all kinds of celebration and joy! Happy Birthday dad

Best Birthday Msgs for Lover’s Birthday Only

Romantic birthday messages are the most desired ones. Can you imagine how happy our beloved becomes when she gets our birthday msgs? This is the most amazing and mesmerizing feeling of love. No valuable gift can beat the magical feeling of romantic birthday msgs for lover.

Birthday Messages

This is the most special day of my life. It is the day when God made you for me, to brighten up my life, to make the world more amazing for me. Thank you love for making my life to an amazing one. Happy birthday to you. I love you to the moon and back.

I have the hottest boyfriend in town. Are you wondering that how I realized it? well, I know cause I love you. Thanks for making me feel so happy. Happy Birthday, baby.

I hope you always be happy with your birthday. I hope you always know that how immensely I l love you.

Your life began on this day but do you know that my life began the day I met you. I’m so happy to have you at my side. I am so blessed to get you. Happy Birthday love.

You are my very own lucky charm. You are my personal sunshine. And you spread goodness wherever you go. You just that magic wand of my love which makes every suffering to bliss. Happy birthday love.

Have you ever thought that how lucky I am? I got you! You are the piece of my heart that I always want to keep along with me. Happy birthday love.

You are the frosting of my cake, you are the cherry of my eyes, you extra sweetness of my life. I owe to you for gifting me such amazing life. I love you, baby. Happy birthday.

Birthdays are making you depressed? Well, you may not know that each of your birthdays is adding a milestone of greatness, experience, love, and awesomeness in your bucket. So love your life and celebrate all of your birthdays.


High Quality Celebration Msgs for your Wife’s Birthday

Lovely birthday msgs are the most amazing birthday fits. This kind of birthday message brings the blissful happiness to a birthday women’s face. Always treat a birthday with the amazing purity of lovely birthday msgs for wife.

Birthday Messages

Your smile is precious. It is the cause for my celebration. Your love is the most precious gift in my whole world. Your kisses are just like dewdrops for me. Happy Birthday to you. You made my life easier. You made my life heavenly.

Your smile is very precious to me. You made me the happiest person by showering your immense love. And you are one in a billion. You are like a candle that enlightened my life to an amazing one. You are the prettiest soul. Happy birthday to the person itself literally feels like a special occasion to me.

Dear wife, you are amazing. I wanted to give you all the happiness as a gift for your birthday. The unfortunate fact is no box would be big enough to hold my immense love in it. Besides, this you are the only person who is the only one to have it.

My beloved, you are the most precious gift from you. I know until the end you would be there for me. On your birthday want to say that you are the most precious gift of my life. Happy birthday, the love of my life.

You are my downfall, you are my muse, and you are my everything. Happy birthday my dearest wife.

Do you know one thing that I hate to be the one to do this? I literally hate to do these lovey-dovey wishes every year. You need to stop it. Can’t you take a nap as a way of celebration? Try to do it. You will get a lot of rest. Okay? Will you do that for me?

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Surprise Messages for your Husband’s Birthday

A surprise birthday is always on top of the list. Nothing can beat the charm of surprise birthday party. Just think your birthday msgs to your partner with a cozy surprise party. The party must take place in his favorite place with their most important and loving persons. This is really a very enchanting idea. A surprise birthday party never upset anyone. It is the most profound way to birthday wish.

Birthday Messages

You are the person who made my life to a fairyland. Happy birthday my very own magician.

Happy birthday! You know you’re getting old. Whatever happy birthday to you! May you celebrate a thousand more birthdays? Stay healthy. Live a happier life and make me feel proud.

Dear husband, you made every day of my life as a celebration. You gifted mu countless happiness. You made me feel like a prince. Happy birthday love. I need you every time.

Let’s grow old together and let’s cut every birthday cake together. I love you. Happy birthday to you.

Never think about the past year. I was not in that time by your side to solve your problems. Just think about the present and the amazing future. I promise to make the present as an amazing one. Happy birthday the love of my life.

Having you as my friend is the best thing that happened in my life. Happy birthday to you. You are precious and worthy.

It’s your birthday my amazing beloved! Now you’ve more grown up and more amazing. Growing up is classy do you know that? Every year you’re becoming more perfect and gorgeous. Happy birthday!

You are an amazing person. You are my very own source of inspiration. Always be like this. Happy birthday my positive vibe.

Unique Wishing Messages for Friends’s Birthday

The most elegant way to wish your friend is sending them a message. Gifts make every person feel special. You can wish your friend on her/his birthday with an elegant gift. It can be a dress, a book, a diary or a pleasant decorative piece. No matter whatever it is, your gift shows your heartfelt wish to your friend. So, go for it. Send birthday msgs to friend on their birthday with a pleasant gift.

Birthday Messages

You are so amazing that everything suits you. You are so awesome that when you wear that smile of yours I just become speechless. Happy birthday to you my best friend.

You know there is a great proverb. The proverb is it’s better to be over the hill than buried 6 feet underneath it. Happy birthday friend.

You are the sugar of my tea. You are the cherry of my cake. And you are the frosting of my ice-cream. Are you happy enough now as I praised so much for your birthday? Then please give me a treat. Happy birthday my annoying best friend.

Happy birthday best friend! Now can you please cut the cake and celebrate? I’m hungry and I always love to eat your birthday cake! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday friend. Do you remember all of the silly things, stupid jokes we used to do and say? Just never stop yourself from doing all of this. Continue doing all the stupid things and we will always do it together till the last birthday of our life. Happy birthday friend.

A friend is the most precious gift and so you are. You are valuable to me than the most beautiful diamond in this world. You are not a very strong person. And you are just like a butterfly that showers happiness and beauty wherever it goes. Your birthday is the opportunity for me to show that how grateful literally I am to have you as a friend in my life. Happy birthday to you my lovely  friend!”

Hello, best friend! You are the precious person. You had been always there for me. And you were my support from day one. I promise you I’ll always be there at your every birthday because I love the birthday cake so much! Happy birthday, bestie.

Let’s wish that all of your dreams come true. Let’s start your birthday by lighting up your birthday candles with the most amazing wish. Have a gorgeous birthday my beautiful friend!


These interesting birthday wishes are witty as well. These wishes are interesting enough to make a person both happy and pampered. Birthdays are really very crucial. Every person must celebrate their birthday. Live is full of amazing cordiality. Your birthday messages shows a person your unconditional love, care, and respect for the person. So always shower a birthday girl/boy with your amazing heartfelt birthday messages.

Hope these birthday messages will help you to wish your loved ones, your friends and family. Live happily and love everyone by providing such mesmerizing messages.

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